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Club Member Benefits

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Remote or In-Person

Meet and train alongside the coaches in a designated gym, or train at your garage and record your sets. Same price.

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24/7 Communication

Talk and text our coaches anytime. No limited hours of video chat, text, etc.

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Online Private Group

Join our private group via BAND. You will have access to special events and be able to talk to other members.

Club Member Programs

Per 12 Weeks
  • Tailored programming sent every 12 weeks

  • Not required to record training footage

  • Follow-up on training every few weeks

  • Recommended for non-weightlifting athletes

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$20 Per 4 weeks

Per 4 Weeks
  • Personalized program sent every 4 weeks

  • Required to record training footage and be sent every week; video analysis every week

  • Follow-up on training every week, detailed talk about training, recovery, etc.

  • Recommended for hobbyists

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$35 Per 4 weeks

Per Week
  • Personalized program sent every week

  • Required to record training footage and be sent the day of; video analysis every 24 hours

  • Detailed weekly follow-up explaining training, cues, future training, etc.

  • Recommended for serious athletes

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$80 Per 4 weeks

Per Session
  • Personalized workouts given per request

  • Training footage not required to record, but recommended for coaches' feedback

  • Workouts can be done at anytime; workouts do not replace cycles

  • Recommended for crossfitters, limited schedule

  • Requires a proficient demonstration of the Olympic lifts

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$5 Per session

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